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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is RSVP responsible to our environment?
  • We produce our RSVP mailings using recyclable materials. Our manufacturing facilities are FSC certified. Our paper pulp suppliers replant 10 trees for every 1 tree that is harvested. Additionally, unlike many other publications you receive in your mailbox, RSVP uses enhanced targeting to mail efficiently to just those who qualify to receive our mailings. Finally, unlike the computer or mobile device you are using to read this now, our mailers are fully recyclable and sustainable.

  • How do I qualify to receive RSVP?
  • RSVP uses sophisticated targeting techniques to qualify the homes that we mail. Factors such as the demographics of the home, historical buying patterns, and geography are all considered. Additionally, homeowners may request to receive our mailings at any time by completing a request on our contact page.

  • Is my personal information safe?
  • RSVP respects your privacy. Any information you provide to us is treated privately and is used solely to provide you with the products and services you may be interested in from our trusted clients. We do not sell information that we collect, we simply use that information to serve you.

  • How can my friend or neighbor request to receive RSVP at their home?
  • Requests to be added to our mailing list are our greatest compliment. Simply request to receive RSVP on our contact page.

  • Do the companies in RSVP meet certain standards?
  • We aspire to promote companies that are established and reputable in the communities they serve.

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